HN-25 Hard Chromium Plating
Commodity Name
HN-25 Hard Chromium Plating
Composition and Working Conditions


Chromium trioxide                           180~275g/L    
Purity sulfuric acid                           2.0~4.0g/L
High chromium catalyst HN -25       10~25mL/L
Temperature                                   50~60℃
Current density of cathode              30~75 A/dm2
Current density of anode                15~35 A/dm2
Supplement of additive:                   It needs to add 30~40mL Of hard chromium catalyst HN -25 while

                                                        adding 1 kg of chromium trioxide.


Application and Advantage


1. Current efficiency of cathode is high, can reach 22~26%.
2. Even, fine and bright deposit.
3. High micro hardness of deposit, good corrosion resistance.
4. No fluoride, it wont corrode the LCD area of component.