HN-82 High Speed Decorative Chromium Plating
Commodity Name
HN-82 High Speed Decorative Chromium Plating
Composition and Working Conditions


Chromium trioxide                         150~350g/L
Purity sulfuric acid                         0.75~1.75g/L
Ratio of CrO3 and H2SO4            125-250:1
Make up Solution HN-82                8~15mL/L
Proportion of bath                         19~23 o Be’
Temperature                                 35~52℃
Current density of cathode           10~20 A/dm2
Supplement of additive:                 4~5L of HN-83 replenisher for each 100 kg of chromium trioxide.


Application and Advantage


1. Adopt solubility and mixed catalyst, easy to operate.
2. It has higher current efficiency of cathode and deposition velocity, can operate under high current density.
3. The components can be activated well with wide brightening range.
4. High tolerance against impurities.
5. Excellent covering power and dispersive ability.