Analysis and Test Center


Our center offers analysis and test service to R&D and customers with a series of world-class advanced analytic instruments which are operated and managed by sophisticated instrument analysts.  Now the center is applying for the qualification as the National Key Laboratory.

What we do:

We offer you professional, accurate, convenient, and timely analysis and test service.

We offer free technical training to your technician.

We ensure the stability of your plating bath with the world’s latest instrument.




Analytical Instrument






Scanning electron microscope/Energy Disperse Spectroscopy is an ultra-micro microscope of multi-function and multi-purpose, which can magnify the sample image 300,000 times, showing you both of the samples surface topography and composition.

It is widely used in the analysis of polymer materials, chemical raw materials, minerals, gemstone identification, etc.





SEM image of the surface after electroless nickel 



SEM image of the surface after desmear 



Grinding and Polishing Machine(from Korea).jpg 

 Metallographic Microscope.jpg

Coating Thickness Gauge (from U.S.A.).jpg

Grinding and Polishing Machine


Metallographic Microscope


Coating Thickness Gauge (from U.S.A.)

 CVS Polarograph (from Switzerland).jpg

 Gas Chromatograph (from Japan).png


Ion chromatograph.jpg

CVS Polarograph (from Switzerland)


Gas Chromatograph (from Japan)


 Ion chromatograph


 Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometer (from Germany).jpg

 Automatic Electrode Potential Titrimeter.jpg

water purifier.jpg

Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometer (from Germany)

Automatic Electrode Potential Titrimeter

Ultra-Pure Water Purifier 


 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.jpg


 X-way layer thickness tester.jpg


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 

  X-Ray Layer Thickness Tester