Analysis on the Development Trend of Metal Plating Industry in China in 2015

2015.06.29 11:07 Come from


With the sustained and rapid growth of Chinas economy, the hardware mechanical and electrical industry as the basic industry is also developing rapidly, and the development of the market is getting more and more attention. It is understood that China which has more than 40,000 hardware production and marketing enterprises, with the annual output value of 180 billion yuan, has become an important hardware products powerhouse in the world so far.


Experts predict that Chinas industrial value-added accounted for the proportion of global industrial value-added will increase from 5.72% in 2000 to more than 10% in 2020. Chinas manufactured goods exports accounted for the proportion of global manufactured goods exports will increase from 5.22% in 2000 to more than 10% in 2020. By that time China will has a number of powerful hardware manufacturing groups to form a number of distinctive and internationally-known hardware manufacturing centralized locations. The Yangtze River Delta region which has formed a certain scale in the electronics product manufacturing industry so far, should strive to become a world-class hardware manufacturing centralized location in this field in the future. In addition, the products in relation to such five major categories--hardware accessories plastic hardware, tools hardware, electronic hardware, furniture hardware and automotive hardware, have been basically covered all aspects of social and economic life. Thus, the metal plating industry which is inseparable with them will follow the stage of accelerated development.


Electroplating technology has been playing an important role in the traditional industry. In China, the electroplating processing bases are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province and the Wenzhou region of Zhejiang Province. Generally, many of the large-scale hardware manufacturers have their own matching electroplating processing plants or factories. The electroplating processing in relation to the foreign electroplating processing orders and the exports of their own products such as lighting, locks, glasses, lighters, sanitary ware, automobile, motorcycle accessories, decorative hardware, electrical components, etc. raised higher and higher on technical requirements. In recent years, the demand for aluminum alloy wheel in North America, Europe and especially in the United States has become greater and greater. What is more, the product processes which from polishing and grinding to become finished are complex, the product appearance, corrosion resistance, adhesion, etc. are required to be the first-class and the existing plating pretreatment agents and many kinds of plating brightener in the whole process are limited. Due to the above reasons, in order to earn foreign exchange through exports, the majority of customers would like to choose the products of famous companies abroad.


Under the joint efforts of the electroplating workers in China, we have made great progress in the research and development on the dedicated electroplating chemical materials, various types of brightener, additive, electroplating brightener intermediates, and electroplating main equipment and auxiliary equipment. Therefore, the technology level of the main plating process has been able to meet the needs of domestic production. In the coating performance requirements, with the rising voice of domestic and international environmental protection, more environmentally friendly types of plating will be more widely used. Furthermore, due to the harsh using environment, basically those environmentally friendly and high corrosion resistant alloy plating can be improved and applied to the automobile hardware.


Science and technology innovation is the key word for the development of metal plating industry. Indeed, scientific and technological innovation has become the synonymous with social progress and a new concept of people. In China, the development of metal plating industry has great potential, and the market prospect is broad. Therefore, the relevant hardware electroplating enterprises should be brave to meet the challenges, seize the market opportunities, and develop with the industry!